Claudia J. Taller

Claudia J. Taller is a writer, artist, yoga instructor, and initiator from Northeast Ohio who writes travel, history, and lifestyle articles for local and national publications, has several books to her credit, and stages creativity and spiritual events. She is always engaged in creating events, leading wineries tours, learning to make art at the Cleveland Museum of Art, or taking a break from hiking to draw. She chose to attend Kent State University because of her love of art, but found a passion for literature and writing, eventually earning a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Writing Certificate from Kent State after interning with the Kent State University Press, serving as editor of the campus literary magazine, and working with faculty on creation of the University’s Writing Certificate Program.  Discover more about Claudia by reading Nancy Christie’s Interview.

Ohio's Canal Country Wineries book
Daffodils and Fireflys
30 Perfect Days

Ohio’s Canal Country Wineries

explores the wineries from Cleveland to New Philadelphia along the Cuyahoga River and down to the Muskingum River—the path that the Ohio-Erie Canal took when it was built in 1832.  Now, the rich and fertile farmland along the canal has also been cultivated with vineyards, and the region is home to almost 50 wineries. Read more…

Daffodils and Fireflies

is Claudia’s first novel, a book from the heart, about a woman undergoing transformation. Betsy Kramer is a successful magazine editor, but she’s also divorced, estranged from her family, and a workaholic. Read more

30 Perfect Days, Finding Abundance in Ordinary Life,

was published in November 2014 and can be purchased here or click on the 30 Perfect Days link to read  excerpts from the book, which were posted every Friday for 30 weeks. From the back cover: “We Earth travelers are all on a journey on the river of life, meandering, flowing over the rocks if we’re lucky, working through the obstructive branches, widening and narrowing in our ability to respond to the world and to be our best selves. We find our true selves as we go along, bit by bit, even as we change, the changes wrought in us becoming part of all the things going down that river with us. The bad stuff, if we go about it right, gets left behind.”

Ohio’s Lake Erie Wineries

was published in 2011. This book explores the wineries in the great Lake Erie wine region of Ohio. Wineries along the Ohio River and the shores and islands of Lake Erie once produced so much wine that Ohio became known as “Vinland.” Today’s viticulturists and enologists have such passion for the work of crafting wines, their stories inspire us.

Writing and Igniting Possibilities

Claudia’s writing credits include stories in Ohio Magazine, Northern Ohio Live, Plain Dealer Sunday Magazine, Long Weekends, West Shore, Yahoo!, and The WineBuzz. She is also a long-time regular contributor to Cool Cleveland and a corporate columnist for Paralegal Today. Every time she discovers an emerging artist, a new play, an innovative dance company, or a new gallery exhibit, Claudia’s taking pictures and sharing what she learned. She owns Igniting Possibilities, a business that encourages people to become more creative and passionate about life through writing and creativity events. She was drawn to write about the wineries because they are the fulfilled dreams of those who make them a reality. Taller believes life should be lived to its fullest, whether through writing, travel, yoga, spiritual seeking, the arts, relationships, or creating exceptional food and wine.  Cleveland  Business Connects’ profile of Claudia Taller can be found here. You can also learn more about her interests on Claudia’s Musings blog.