Events to Awaken Possibilities

LogoColorNoText[1]2010 050Creators need a place where they can be open to growth.  The first step is giving one’s self permission to explore a treasured dream or re-explore a tossed-away passion.  I saw people leading lives of mediocrity and wanted to show them that we can live full lives while being true to our responsibilities.

In 2008, I launched Igniting Possibilities to help people make room for heart-expanding possibilities in their lives.  I continued the Artist’s Way workshops and retreats that I started in 1995, and began inviting writers to join me for writing weekends at the Idlewyld Bed and Breakfast in Lakeside, Ohio.

Over the years, I’ve created one-day retreats based on The Artist’s Way and have worked with other creative people to put on events, including energy experts, dancers, artists, yoga instructors, gardeners, and artists.  I am a frequent writing instructor at the Rhein Center in Lakeside and have led many programs at Unity Spiritual Center, at Riverside in Dundee, Michigan, and with Betsy Muller’s Create and Connect Brilliantly.  Joan Barris and I continue the tradition of Artist’s Way retreats at Lakeside with a weekend event called Sharing Our Gifts, held in October, which has been a huge success and is THE event I look forward to every year. We start each weekend by sharing something we created and giving it away, whether it’s poetry, a framed photo, a pair of knitted socks.

My Word Lovers writing retreats have continued for ten beautiful years. The weekends of June 2-4, 2017, and November 3-5, 2017, will be my 19th and 20th Word Lovers weekends. The idea is to provide a place where writers feel comfortable just writing, but I add some interest by inviting writers-in-residence to join us.

I’m excited to report that I became a certified Yoga Alliance yoga teacher in 2016 and am now teaching yoga at North Olmsted United Methodist Church and at St. John Westshore Hospital in Westlake, Ohio. I started practicing yoga as a pre-teen and have been a devoted yogi for a number of years. This was a milestone for me, and I love helping people become more connected with each other and with God through breath, movement, and meditation.

The astonishing success of my books Ohio’s Lake Erie Wineries and Ohio’s Canal Country Wineries have provided opportunities to lead wineries tours.  Over the last six years, I’ve taken groups on trips into wine country, where we’ve sampled wines and met the winemakers with a passion for living off the land and creating beautiful labrusca and vinifera wines.

I am available for poetry and memoir workshops, talks about writing, wineries tours, wineries talks, and Artist’s Way retreats. I do it out of the passionate belief that we are all creative and most people can lead more creative lives if they’re open to possibilities. I’m open to creating specifically-designed programming for small groups.