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ohio wineriesClaudia J. Taller is a native of the Cleveland area and lives within five miles of Lake Erie. When she discovered the long history of Ohio’s Lake Erie wineries and the high number of existing wineries along Lake Erie’s shore, she became interested in knowing more. In her visits to wineries she discovered the art of growing grapes, the craft of making wine, and the passion with which the growers and winemakers produce a product that competes with wines in California. It is Taller’s hope that Ohio’s Lake Erie Wineries will enlighten people about Ohio’s rich history as a winemaking state, and that people will embrace local Lake Erie wineries, winemakers, and wines.

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People are passionate about anything local, especially local food and wine. Talks and tours are popular. If you’d like to schedule a talk or private tour, send an e-mail to Claudia.taller@yahoo.com. Get on Claudia’s mailing list to receive information about scheduled tours–transportation, tastings, food, and Claudia’s words of wisdom are all part of a 4-hour tour. New friends are made over a glass of wine. Choose your itinerary for a tour of wineries in the Vermilion Valley, Sandusky, Lake Erie islands, Geneva, Akron-area, Canton-Massillon, or Amish country. We’ll figure out the logistics! Or customize a tour of your favorites. In addition to being an expert on Ohio’s Lake Erie wineries, Claudia is also becoming an expert on Canal Country wineries south of the Cleveland area–her next book is Ohio’s Canal Country Wineries.


Cleveland Leader:

Rare is the book that beckons — nay, compels — you to pour yourself a glass of the fruit of the vine after the first few pages, but Claudia Taller’s new book, Ohio’s Lake Erie Wineries, does just that, and more… lots more. Wine lovers and teetotalers alike will find this compendium of the past and present of northern Ohio grape growing and winemaking — from the Lake Erie Islands to Ashtabula County — utterly fascinating. Read the entire review.

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