30 Perfect Days Log 11 — Delisting Lists

Week 11, Friday, December 19, Delisting Lists—I’m figuring out a marketing campaign for 30 Perfect Days, the book. The blog was the first step. Reviews on Amazon have been overwhelmingly rewarding—the book’s worth is right there. But the marketing is one of those things that I talk about on Day 11, one of those tasks on my list that can bring an entire day down. On Day 11, Delisting Lists, I chose a quote from Carol Orsborn, who wrote in her book Enough is Enough “Busy, busy, busy we pass the days of our lives—gone all too soon. Gone before we get to our dreams of creative expression, self-fulfillment, nurturing.” I asked why our lists of things to do matter so much. To-do lists are based on fear, and what I really want, with my book at least, is for it to grow organically, for people to buy it because they come across it and it looks interesting. Most of the time, I should focus on what my soul needs; I just need to do one of the things I like best—writing. When I came up with my Absolutes, they did NOT include tasks from my to-do list.

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