30 Perfect Days Log 8 — We are Our Choices

IMG_1571Sunday, November 30—If we are our choices, as Jean-Paul Sartre proclaimed, the question that begs asking is whether our choices are in line with who we are. On the 8th day of my perfect-days’ project, the many choices facing me, led me to my yoga mat where I did a few sun salutations and warrior poses and decided to simplify my day. I read the book Fire Starters on the bus, sat in the Eastman Reading Garden for The Artist’s Way conference call, and wrote Haiku during an afternoon break. Every time I choose to do something for myself, I am choosing not to do something for someone else. The Artist’s Way shows us we should allow the universe to work through us, to achieve what’s needed to be achieved, to realize our mission. For that, we must be willing to fill up the well, that place inside us that requires nourishing, to give us energy and courage to do what is required. Sometimes, making the choice for ourselves feels wrong, but it is the right choice.

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