Connecting with the World

2011 160I used to talk about “My Time” to connote a time away from the world when I was free to just be me. When I read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, I discovered Morning Pages as my time with words, just letting them flow onto the page unhindered by an inner sensor. Here, I connect with the world word by word, or Bird by Bird as Anne Lamott would say, in a way that’s uniquely me. We need our time away from the world, but in writing words that are available for the whole world to see, we are also, paradoxically, connecting with the world.

On this site, you will find information on me, my writing, my book, and my events. You’ll also find links to my blogs: Claudia’s Musings, Ohio Lake Erie Wineries, and Igniting Possibilities. I hope you connect with me, and I with you, through my words. Let me know what you’re thinking about.

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