30 Perfect Days, Blog Post 16 – Just Be

Week 16, Friday, January 30, Living in Luxury—On the 16th day of my 30 Perfect Days journey, I looked back over the previous two weeks and was ashamed of how many times I went out to eat.  What luxury I’m living in!  How hard do I want to work to support this consumption?  It’s absurd to deplete the meaning from our lives so we can live in luxury. While I believe in my heart that it’s the journey rather than the goal that’s important, I strive too much, work too hard, try to have more, of everything. When a friend of mine recently told me that she’s amazed every day by life and what it brings, the connections, beauty, and awesomeness of it all, I remembered how simple it is to appreciate what we already have.  It’s enough.  The happiest we can be is when we’re enjoying the journey.  We need to just be.  Can you find a way to live in the luxury of just being, or are you working so hard at trying to have it all that you’re missing what you have?

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