Log Post 21, Week 21—Riding Out the Storm

On Day 21 of my 30 Perfect Day project, I quoted Mahatma Gandhi, who said “A living faith will last in the midst of the blackest storm.”  Hurricane Sandy came storming into Ohio. We couldn’t spend a bitterly cold night at home without heat, so we headed to daughter Melissa’s house with pizzas from our thawing freezer. I spent some time on that dreary evening working on some Artist’s Way exercises for class the next day. Cameron wrote “By seeking the creator within and embracing our own gift of creativity, we learn to be spiritual in this world, to trust that God is good and so are we and is all of creation.” I am much more spiritually connected than I was in my self-imposed prison of fifteen years ago. I’m not unique in turning within and seeking God as death comes closer, and it’s also common for people to seek out their creative gifts when life is established and the big missions in life, raising a family or building a career, are manifested. The storm outside doesn’t touch me. We ride out the storm together. We’ve been doing it for a long time. Remembering storms in your life helps you understand who you are. How have you ridden out the storms in your life? For more about finding abundance in ordinary life, go to http://www.claudiajtaller.com/30-perfect-days-finding-abundance-in-everyday-life/.

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