Log Post 24, Week 24: Tuning in to Possibility

On Day 24, I quoted Golda Meir who said we need to trust ourselves and create the kind of self we would be happy with the rest of our lives.  Wow.  Are you doing that.  I think it’s difficult to appreciate ourselves, and for that reason, we can’t trust ourselves.  Maybe it’s time to inventory our gifts, positive traits, and accomplishments so we can objectively begin to rework ourselves.  The concept of recreating myself seems counter-intuitive to being authentic and letting go.  I love the metaphor of a river, and how we move along in the current of life, sometimes hitting the bank or getting stuck on a rock, of being pushed down into the depths and rising to the surface, of flowing along in a meandering way, with our lives being transformed by trusting the journey.  Creating ourselves but being authentic can be welded into this:  accept what life has to offer and respond from a place within us that is fine with change.  We don’t have to actively force a change but shift our attitude ever so slightly, hardly making a ripple on the surface of the water, but deepening what’s in the depths.

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